The Questions I Get As an Escort

An escort is one of the most challenging professions. But, despite what many people think, this is a job like any other. For the past five years, I’ve been earning my income through this job. Well, I was barely 18 years when I started working as a sex worker. The first few days were never easy, but I found them exciting. I’ve always had a high sex drive and an attraction to mature men. So once I got comfortable with asking for payment upfront, it came naturally. Today, I’ll answer the frequent questions that many people ask me.

What Made You Become an Escort?

For me, it was some curiosity. As I’ve earlier said, I’ve always had fantasies of sleeping around with older made. So when I shared this with a close friend of mine, she suggested that I check out a website where I could set up an “arrangement” with one. And the idea grew from there. After doing a lot of research, I found a good London agency within my area which had many positive reviews, contacted them and that’s where the business began.

What Does Your Family Think about Your Occupation?

Well, my parents don’t know about my work or anything to do with my sex life. I quit my receptionist’s job to become a busty escort. But, some of my friends know my profession and they’re comfortable with it. Although at one time, my best friend tried to talk me out of it and that was the end of our friendship.

Are You Seeing Someone?

At the time I was starting this job, I was single, and finding someone special was difficult but I’ve met nice men. While I’m not married, I’m in a relationship and my boyfriend is comfortable with what I’m doing. Ours is an open relationship, because of the obvious reasons. However, he’s very supportive. We do believe that it’s not sex that makes the relationship special but rather what we feel for each other.

Who Are Your Clients?

I generally service many older, white, and black men aged between 40-60 years old with a big income. Most of them have high-end careers like lawyers, doctors, and businessmen.

Most of my clients are married, over 90%, that is. Well, not that I’m trying to justify escorting, but these men are often looking for companionship. They’re those that could have an affair if they wanted to, however, they don’t want to get into serious relationships. Instead, they want to keep their lives at homes intact.

How Long Are You Planning on Working as an Escort?

I’m not sure of the length of time I’ll be doing this. But, should I find that escorting is no longer productive for me, I’ll look for something else to do. I’ve always believed that a career is something that you don’t only enjoy doing but you’re also productive at it. Plus, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. So I might decide to get serious with it if things don’t work out for me in escorting.

Do You Ever Feel Like What You’re Doing Is Immoral?

I don’t see any problem with offering sex for money so long as it’s between consenting adults and safe. But, I’ve always been bothered by society’s perception of escorts and legal issues that could affect my work in the future.